HR Software

We’ve teamed with myhrtoolkit to provide you with a simple low cost way of storing and managing your staff holidays, absence, documents, training, pay & benefits information and appraisals in one place. Save time, money and space from as low as £16 a month (exc VAT).

Maintaining accurate records for your team is something that many businesses fail to do and they only realise when it is too late. This often being after an accident at work or when legal action is taken.

Business owners MUST understand how to manage employees. You can do that with our accredited online learning courses. The second stage is coupling that knowledge with the myhrtoolkit software.

What are the benefits of myhrtoolkit?

Online system – requires no additional infrastructure, just a computer and up to date browser.

Employee database – provides an employee database and record keeping – not just full personal and work details, but an automated record of employee events including absence, holiday and training.

Employee self-service – allows employees to request holiday, manage their own personal details, review documents and more.

Document tracking – A full document management system allows organisations to issue documents and policies to individuals, groups or the whole team. As employees access them, you can track when they are opened and confirm when they have acknowledged.

Reporting – a comprehensive reporting system allowing you to extract meaningful management information from the day-to-day people interactions.

Prices exc VAT