Health and Wellbeing

As a business owner you have a positive obligation towards the welfare of your staff, customers and the public in general. In addition to this you need to build an inclusive workplace as you cannot discriminate against a person due to a number of protective factors. You are going to employ or have customers with different factors so it is a good idea to understand common conditions that you may experience.

Premium Range Courses

CPD, Gatehouse Awards and IIRSM Approved Training

These courses are more accredited than the CPD courses below and come with a free trial if you wish to take one. Like our standard range of courses these come with instant certification on successful completion. Premium range courses are processed through our other payment platform.

Children and Young People’s Mental Health

CPD & IIRSM Approved Course

This course will look at attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression and self-harm – along with eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Other mental illnesses covered include schizophrenia, autism, learning difficulties, post-traumatic stress disorder, along with bipolar disorder, panic disorder, sleep apnoea and social phobia.

Developing a Workplace Mental Health Policy

CPD & IIRSM Approved Course

Organisations are required by law to promote and protect the mental well-being of their workforce. A comprehensive Mental Health Policy, along with easy-to-understand operating procedures, will incorporate mental health issues into established organisational thinking. It will make sure everyone knows how the organisation views and deals with workplace mental health.

Mental Health First Aid

CPD, IIRSM and Gatehouse Awards Approved

The course introduces the subject and outlines the benefits of Mental Health first aid and workplace wellness schemes. It then goes on to cover the effects of stress on individuals and teams and discusses how stress and mental health are linked.

Supervising Mental Health at Work

CPD & IIRSM Approved Course

Companies are legally bound to assess health risks from stress at work, and we’ll show how to assess those risks, along with how to recruit, and train Mental Health First Aiders.

CPD Approved Courses

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