Email and Website

We’ve teamed up with 123 Reg to bring you all the web and email services you need for rock bottom prices

Your web domain is a vital part of your corporate identity and you should pick this carefully. It is a key part of your branding and corporate image and you cannot afford to get this wrong.

A professional domain that is in line with your business is the first step and to help you do this whilst getting value for money we have teamed up with 123 Reg.

Having email addresses containing your domain demonstrates professionalism and helps develop trust with customers. Businesses who use email addresses such as Outlook or Gmail are often viewed with some suspicion and can result in customers using a competitor. The packages we support provide you with a professional email address for very low cost.

Your website is another vital part of your identity. Business owners often associate websites with huge cost but this could not be further than the truth. 123 Reg have a number of easy to use templates that can be customised to your requirements. This is the favourite option for those who do not have a large budget to pay a web designer as it provides a professional low cost solution.