Protect your business from falling foul of the law regarding sales of restricted goods to under age persons with this ideal staff induction course for only £8.00.

Age-restricted products are goods and services that must only be sold to individuals who meet the minimum legal age requirement. Completion of this course will provide you with an insight into the types of products that are covered by age restrictions, the legal requirements placed on individuals selling age-restricted products and guidance on operating within the law when selling age-restricted products.

What Does The Course Cover?

The Legal Framework

Roles, Licences and Conditions

Risks Associated With Age Restricted Products

Age Verification

Dealing With Drunkenness

Conflict Management and Personal Safety

Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

Why Choose SME Business Concierge?

We understand that online learning may not answer every question you have on this subject which is why our experienced tutors will answer any questions you have having completed the course.

Our tutors are experienced licensees so understand the industry rather than having learned from books.

Our tutors have helped hundreds of people get qualified and licensed and they have helped people to tighten up their age verification procedures.

Booking Your Course(s)

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