Elevating HR Performance: How myhrtoolkit Can Benefit Your Business

We’ve teamed up with myhrtoolkit to bring you transformational low cost HR software to your small business!

Managing Human Resources is an incredibly important part of any company’s success, as these people help drive performance and retain employees.

To make this process easier, My HR Toolkit can greatly benefit small-to-medium businesses; it simplifies processes such as payroll, employee onboarding and time tracking.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at how My HR Toolkit can aid your team in achieving desired business goals!

Ultimate Staff Training Database

Managers looking for an easy-to-use training management system will benefit greatly. It allows managers to add courses, follow attendees’ progress, and receive feedback. The comprehensive report suite then brings the data to life with a selection of reports tailored to provide valuable insights into the training experience.

Online Employee Management

Employee management has never been easier with their advanced online filing system. This secure software provides an intuitive way to store, update and search all employee records in a comprehensive central database.

Each employee is given their own folder and summary including unlimited storage so as to save up important documents pertaining to them. Moreover, they each have access to their own personal records, eliminating the need for manually looking up individual queries such as payroll or holiday entitlements.

Centralised Document Management

With their Document Management Library, you can efficiently store and manage all your company documents in one centralised system. This feature of their powerful HR Software enables you to easily issue employee or HR documents both individually, in groups or across the entire organisation.

Additionally, you can also track who has opened and read the documents for accountability and compliance purposes.

Complete Absence Management System

Need to keep track of staff absences? The myhrtoolkit absence management software does the job for you with features such as uploading sick & fit notes, automatic calculations for sick pay, and in-depth reports and staff attendance charts.

With this HR Software, you can monitor staff absences more effectively, identify absenteeism patterns within your organisation, and take necessary steps to reduce them. Enjoy a comprehensive absence planning system that simplifies your process in keeping track of daily attendance levels!

Simple Holiday Management

Holiday management solutions make it easier to stay on top of staff holidays and allocate leave efficiently. By using software, you can save time and resources spent on manual processes related to managing employee holidays. Automation helps reduce errors in leave calculations as well as ensure requests are consistently handled.

The self-service function also allows employees to easily manage their leave information and request days off from anywhere, hassle free. With an effective holiday management system in place, you can get back to focusing on your business priorities instead of being bogged down by admin tasks.

Pay & Benefits Tracking

Pay & Benefits Management made simple with their comprehensive pay & benefits software. Once set up, you can easily import and manage employee pay and benefit information, as well as bulk assign benefits to multiple staff at once.

And yes, you have full control to update or alter individual employee data in one convenient place.

Get a Free Demonstration

In a nutshell, My HR Toolkit is the ultimate tool for Human Resources departments. It simplifies every aspect of managing your HR tasks, making it easier than ever for companies of any size to hit their business goals quickly and efficiently. And if you want a closer look at what My HR Toolkit can do for your business why not book a free demonstration.

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