SME Business Mentoring Scheme

Helping disadvantaged youth and those being diverted from a life of crime to start a journey in business.

Blog by Martyn Linton – Founder of SME Business Concierge Ltd

Those who know me will tell you that for a number of years I have taught law enforcement professionals from across the world and UK professionals such a social workers, people in the NHS and others such as HM Prison staff in gang tactics and exploitation. I support the work of gang diversion charities and good causes. It is a subject that I am passionate about. Why?

In my teens I was a member of a low level street gang. I dropped out of school with no GCSE’s and was heading towards jail or the morgue. Thanks to some interventions and support I changed my life for the better and have had a substance and crime free life ever since.

Now as a small business owner I want to give a bit back and work with disadvantaged youths and those escaping a life of crime to help them make the change I did.

Training is one thing but I am taking my passion straight to those who need it and I am going to work with crime diversion organisations to help people gain the education they need to help them find employment or start their journey as a business owner.

For every £3 (cost price) we raise we will provide a business or other related course such as food hygiene to someone who needs it to better themselves.

How Can You Support Us?

The answer is simple. We all shop online and you can support us with no extra cost to the value of your online shopping order.

Simply register with Easyfundraising by clicking below and when you shop simply do it through their app and that is it.

Your support will help us to work with others to change their lives. Please get behind us and help us help others!

Thank you.

Martyn Linton

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