CircleLoop – New Telephone Partner

SME Business Concierge Ltd bring you low cost and extremely flexible business telephone services that can be used anywhere thanks to VoIP technology.

We are excited to introduce you to an amazing development in business telephone technology that will transform how you communicate with your customers. We have partnered with CircleLoop to bring you a telephone service like no other.

A large number of start up and small businesses operate without having a landline telephone number advertised on websites and other similar places. Research clearly shows that customers looking for a provider can be put off using a business that operates solely on a mobile number. Likewise a high percentage of customers seeking a service who call a business and get no answer do not call back a second time. Both of these situations mean a loss of income for your business.

We Have the Low Cost Solution

Our service will provide you with a landline telephone number that can be used to accept and make telephone calls from any device that has the app installed. Simply add the app to mobile devices and you have the presence of a landline facility that is fully mobile as it operates over VoIP.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is here to revolutionise how you make calls. Whether you’re looking for a new phone system for your office or you simply want to empower a remote team, VoIP is the flexible solution for your business. CircleLoop offers a market-leading VoIP phone system with added features and tool integrations at no extra cost, with no lengthy contract.

Prices start at £5 per month!

No contract – Leave at any point!

What are the Benefits?

  • VoIP offers a cloud-based solution to give you maximum flexibility
  • Integrate with Hubspot, Pipedrive and all your other favourite tools
  • Easily record your calls to improve your internal processes
  • Powerful call analytics give you complete oversight of your team’s performance
  • Add virtual numbers to your account to appear local
  • Without the need for a landline, you can take calls anywhere you have the app and an internet connection
  • Fully customisable IVR Greetings & Menus, call routing and call forwarding

Start Your Free Trial Today!

We are that confident in this service and its suitability to your needs that we invite you to take a FREE trial and see the benefits this service can bring your business.

Start your free trial today by clicking below.

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