Welcome to SME Business Concierge

Here at SME Business Concierge we help the individuals and businesses to learn new skills and get the right products and services they need to succeed. We specialise in supporting those wanting to work in or actively working in the hospitality and safeguarding sectors. Our experience has been gained through years of experience working in the hospitality, security and law enforcement sectors. We are here to help.

We are a Highfield Qualifications Approved Centre meaning we have met the high standards required by the awarding body.


Having become a Highfield Qualifications Approved Centre we are changing our range of online training courses. To make way for the new range we have 400 CPD course licences to use so we have reduced them to £10 or less!

Book now as they will not last long!


In Person and and Online Training

We are providers of high quality in person and online training services that are accredited to various industry standards so you can be assured that they are of a high standard.

Our online training courses can be completed at any time, day or night and at the learners pace meaning no more missed time from your business at times when they are needed.

Utility Services

Getting the right utilities for your business is a vital thing. At no cost to you we help get you the right deals on your broadband, card payment services, electricity, gas, insurance, telephone services and water.

We can arrange a FREE Utility check This will identify areas you can save money on immediately and will allow us to schedule follow up at the appropriate time for your other services. There is no obligation and nothing to lose.


“My business has potentially saved over £500 after getting a landline through SME Business Concierge. Was easy to set up and is extremely flexible. Highly recommended.”

Bill – Small Business Owner

“The training provided by SME Business Concierge was great. The east to follow videos and knowledgeable instructors were a big help. I recommend them to anyone.”

Matt – Security Supervisor

Popular Courses

Questions About Online Learning?

The quickest, most flexible and most cost efficient way to get accredited training for your business is through online training. Our courses are endorsed by a number of professional bodies so you can be assured that it is of a high standard.

The concept of online learning is new to many and as such you may have questions about how it works, the benefits or whether it is suitable for your business. If you would like to discuss any aspect of online learning we are happy to have a no obligation chat with you at no cost.